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Muslin swaddles washed and unwashed

cotton gauze swaddles washed photo

its 100% cotton gauze double lays, 40X40 and 88X64, after washed, it looks some kind of wrinkled, but very soft and improve the absorption of the swaddle. it help protect the baby, comfortable and cloud feel. but shape not stable,price a little higher, because of wash program and dry program.



gauze swaddle un-washed photo

same fabric as washed mentioned above. but un-washed. you can find its very flat, and good looking.

but feel some kind of hard hand feel. and absorption is not better than washed.  but shape stable, edge flat , price cheaper some, because of no wash and dry program happen.

nb2the question is

what kind of is better? these 2 kind of swaddles sell all well, if you are the mam, which one you want to buy?



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